Pearl Harbor Persuasive Essay

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Gregory Sharp Mrs. Fowler English 11 04 May 2011 Pearl Harbor Pearl Harbor is an inlet on the on the southern coast of the island of Oahu Hawaii. It is six miles west of Honolulu. It was land locked and had a depth of 50 to 60 feet. This made the harbor use less for large boats. But in 1887 the United States obtained from the Hawaiian king of Hawaiian king the exclusive right to establish a coaling and repair station. With this agreement, surveys were made of the harbor and plans were made to remove or dredge the obstructing bar. But nothing was done to improve the harbor until the island was annexed by the United States. With the ownership of the island the US government made Pearl Harbor a first class naval base. By dredging a channel…show more content…
After a few minutes of debate we decided to change our view on WWII by declaring that we were taking sides against Japan in WWII. This was the turning point of WWII because the US had not been involved in the war until this point. Within a matter of days there were people enlisting for war and more being drafted? We also started shutting down small businesses to go and work in factories to produce war products. These products included ammunition and rifles. Ever ford motor company participated in this war time production by building boat motors instead of car motors. They also started making premanufactured boats very quickly by using the assembly line method. The ships that the Japanese had destroyed were replaced in no time by new building methods. But the US did not use these weapons on Japan until after WWII. Then we invented the atomic bomb. This was the first nuclear war head and we were the only country that knew how to make it. After WWII we decided to go and fight in Japan during this fight with Japan we realize they would not surrender so we decided to use our new atomic bomb on Japan (“Pearl Harbor
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