Pearl Harbor Air Defense Essay

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Pearl Harbor When the first Japanese aircraft flew over Oahu, the Early Warning Systems or Air Defenses did not prepare for what happened next. The early attack from the Japanese, at Pearl Harbor was a turning point in the history of Air Defense. It helped by using Anti-Aircraft guns and Early Warning Radar Systems in today’s military. Using the proper Air Defense helped limit damage by showing what could have happened if the right resources’ helped to prevent further loses of personnel and equipment. On December 7, 1941, Japanese Imperial Airmen woke up aboard the carriers in the middle of the Pacific. For the next hour and a half, the Japanese Airmen and Officers prepared for the upcoming mission. Lt. Commander Shigeharu…show more content…
Each of the regions had a regiment of Anti-Aircraft guns and a separate aircraft warning system that would be more advanced than the Early Warning Radar Systems used during the attack on Pearl Harbor (Conn 69). The difference between the Early Warning Radar Systems and the Air Defense Command was instead of the American fighter planes depending on the Early Warning Radar Systems, they had their own separate observation posts and alert systems. This meant that instead of one or two early warning radar systems controlling a limited area of Pearl Harbor, the Air Defense Command controlled a designated area throughout Hawaii. This meant that each area was able to be controlled by a designated force and was able to control their designated air space for that particular force. This helped with controlling the Air Defense by having a smaller area controlled by Anti-Aircraft guns and fighter planes in a more focused area than scattered throughout a larger area. Each of the Air Defense regions has numerous ground observer posts, which helped reinforce the costal radar systems in the Air Defense Command. The effectiveness of both the ground observer posts and the Air Defense Command helped with the ability to identify if the aircraft was a friendly or

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