Pearl Harbor Essay

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A young man, wanting to create a better life for his wife and kids, decides to fight for his country. His daughter gives him the biggest hug before he leaves. This precious, beautiful girl is what he wants to protect from all the bad in the world. He is sent off to Pearl Harbor with a couple of his buddies as a restraint against Japan’s aggression. Thinking nothing was going to happen to them, they fulfilled their duty, until December 7. Japan sent a secret aerial attack on Pearl Harbor. He did not expect it and neither did his family or friends. He died that day with his last memory being of his daughter hugging him goodbye. Never again will he see that beautiful face and she will grow up without a father. For those who died that day, and for their families, we remember Pearl Harbor and how greatly it affected everyone. Those emotions from that event made us fight harder. This event in history is very important to me. To protect our Army, Navy, and Marine Corps on Oahu, Battleships of the Pacific fleet laid closely packed together in Pearl Harbor. With thousands of people inside, they were waiting for a submarine attack from Japan. Commanding officers believed Japan’s airpower was not designed to travel greatly overseas. This led them to believe that the American people stationed there would be okay. Nobody was prepared for the unexpected. With that, you see to always be prepared for anything in life. Some things are not always what they seem to be. December 7, Japan launched an air fleet attacking Pearl Harbor. They were not thinking of all the innocent lives they would be taking, and all the families who would be devastated by their death, just about winning this war. It’s funny how people can forget all about love, compassion, and good and just become evil and don’t care. It makes you wonder how the human mind can differ in so many ways.

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