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The Pearl In The Pearl, the main character Kino is a poor man who finds a giant pearl. This pearl is supposed to bring good things for Kino’s family. With this pearl Kino plans on getting married in a church, have his son looked at by the doctor after he is bit by a scorpion, to send his son Coyotito to school, and finally to buy a rifle. Kino sets off to see how much the pearl is worth and none of the buyers are willing to pay him a reasonable price, so he leaves. Eventually people try to steal his pearl. His wife, Juana, believes that the pearl is evil. So one night she takes the pearl and tries to throw it back into the ocean. Kino stops her and beats her. On his way back to his house, he is attacked and he kills a man. Juana is afraid for what will happen to her husband so they burn their house and hide at Kino’s brother’s house until dark and they set off for the capital. On their way to the capital Kino realizes they are being followed by trackers. Kino takes his wife and son to the mountains were they hide in a cave. The trackers finally catch up with Kino and his family, and decide to sleep by a steam below the cave Kino and his family are in. Kino tries to sneak down and kill the men, but on his way down Coyotito starts crying. This wakes the trackers and the man with a rifle shoots toward the sound thinking it is a baby coyote. Kino makes a leap and grabs the rifle off of the man and kills the trackers. Then he hears Juana crying hysterically. He realizes that Coyotito was killed. After all of the Kino and Juana go back to the town and throw the pearl back into the

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