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Pearl River Piano Group ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------• PRPG is a state owned company. • Founded in mid-1950. Original name Guangzhou Pearl River Industrial Company 1987, and then Pearl River Piano Group in 1996. • PRPG was subsidiary company under second light industry group. • PRPG was formed by merger of state owned Guangzhou light industry group and second light industry group. • PRPG Product range :- pianos, violins and guitars • • • • • PRPG advantage of low cost of production, but at same time provided good-quality, inexpensive and entry level pianos. PRPG long term growth strategy will be export. US subsidiary in 2000; PRPG had advantage of low production cost in china EU subsidiary in 2003 in Germany, and had its sales network expanded to 14 EU by 2004. PRPG had co-operated with top-notch players in collaborative production and had acquired foreign brands to upgrade its technical know-how, boost its brand image, and develop its overseas distribution and service networks. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------PIANO’S:  Acoustic Piano:  Vertical piano:  Upright Studio Console Spinet Grand piano:  Small Concert Grand Piano Electric Piano:  Electric pianos were the growing segment within piano segment. 1 | Siddharth Jain | Digital Keyboards:  Electronic Keyboards:  Used mainly to record and play popular music. Trend’s in US PIANO market:  • • Numbers of pianos being imported were increasing. Number of customers purchasing used pianos was also increasing. These pianos were mainly imported from Japan at about half the price new piano. But the market of used piano also faced competition from Chinese products. Except for high end high end brands, market for used pianos

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