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Elliot Cavill Risk D1 “For this task you must submit a written report explaining each of your risk assessments and reviewing the control methods you put in place. Give reasons why you feel the control methods would help in reducing risk.” For this task I will be reviewing each risk assessment and what control methods I have used to help reduce the risk. On the 03/01/15 I conducted a risk assessment of the Bedworth 3G football pitch and the 15/12/15 I conducted another risk assessment of the Bedworth gym. Bedworth 3G pitch assessment Dangerous boots Specifically the opposition would be at risk, if you were to wear sharp or metal studs and induce a reckless challenge on an opponent it could result in a gashed leg. To control this risk PPE (shin pads) must be worn. However in some formats of the game PPE isn’t compulsory so people would play at their own risk. Moving away from PPE, whilst officiating a game I checked that all players were wearing suitable foot wear by checking them before the game. By doing so this heavily reduced the level risk, leaving all the players to participate safely only at their own risk. Artificial mud (3G) The design of the pitch must be accounted for; as a well-designed pitch can greatly reduce the potential risks through appropriate levels of friction (between the shoe and surface), surface deflection (how much the surface moves during impact) and force reduction (how hard the surface is) to the activities taking place. This could be seen as minor risk but still a risk in itself. The artificial mud is very small and can easily flick up into someone’s face or eyes if boots are raised. To control this I ensured that all players know the rules and punish anyone that does raise their foot to ensure no one does it again. During the game no boots were raised, resulting in a successful method of control, therefore reducing the level of

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