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Essay As my advice to Mr. lopez is that to use Computerized accounting program rather than manual bookkeeping system, accounting is more than just bookkeeping In this modern time if you use manual that’s a waste of time, waste of money, and you can do faster. If your company is growing, you may need to take your accounting function to the next level. This can be challenging and sometimes seem overwhelming. You need an accounting solution that will bring you up to date and prepare you for growth. Banks require accurate financial statements to determine your potential for loans and lines of credit. You need to get an accounting solution you can trust to help you with your business' financial needs. You should use peachtree accounting program If you view accounting as a tool that can help you make better decisions rather than just a necessary chore, Peachtree is the perfect choice for you. Peachtree is designed for people like you who take their accounting seriously. It helps you get your numbers right so you can truly understand how your business is performing. Accounting is too important to trust software that takes shortcuts just to be easy to use. Peachtree is a comprehensive solution based on real, double-entry accounting principles with screen-level security, audit trails, and automatic accounting checks, so you get the accuracy and control you need to improve your results. I think you should buy Peachtree accounting program rather than Quick book. We recommend Peachtree to our clients because it has more controls and better reporting capabilities. It’s a true accounting application. Peachtree is easy to use and gives you accurate information without software problems or "glitches". Using Peachtree makes you knowledgeable about accounting, which is a good thing! A product like QuickBooks is designed to be quick and easy to set up initially. Most people

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