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How to make peach cobbler My favorite dessert after a well cooked meal is peach cobbler, I like this treat and I know you will also. But preparing peach cobbler can be time consuming and grueling task. Peach cobbler is sweet and a healthy treat that’s worth making for your family. I’m about to show you how to make this mouthwatering treat. To make peach cobbler you will need a few basic items: first clean and sanitize your work area (kitchen counter). Then you will need your mixing tools and equipment which is bowls, spoons, pan, oven mitten and measuring cups. Then your dry ingredients which are flour, sugar, cinnamon, and your wet ingredients are lemon juice, butter, and peaches. As the cook you decide what to put in the peach cobbler since this process can be messy. So you should wear an apron don’t make this anywhere else accept on a clean counter. Then you should start by preheating the oven 350 degrees, begin by melting the stick of butter in a casserole dish that’s oven proof. Be careful not to overheat the butter too much, do these while making the ingredients. Next pour the 2 tablespoons of lemon juice over the peaches, (stir to coat) after pour ½ cup of sugar over the peaches and stir. Then heat the bowl for a few minutes so that the sugar begins to melt. Meanwhile mix together 1 cup of flour, 1 cup of sugar and ½ teaspoon of cinnamon until well blended, then pour in 1 cup of milk and mix until blended. Know check the casserole pan in the oven and once the butter is melted take the dish out of the oven. You will then pour the batter on top of the melted butter; next proceed to pour the peaches on top of the batter. (Don’t stir). Then you will sprinkle a tablespoon of sugar over the peach cobbler. Finally you can place the cobbler in the oven at 350 degrees and let it cook for 55 minutes or until its golden brown. Once the time is up you can test

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