Peacekeeper Essay

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Peacekeeper A time in my life when I acted like a peace keeper was when I helped calm down a fight that was occurring between two of my best friends. These two girls were continuously fighting over a guy and I was caught in the middle. They would both come and talk to me about the issue and I offered different advice to the both of them. Even though it was sort of annoying, I did not mind because I knew that I was maintaining peace between them. I thought that it wasn’t right or worth it to fight over this one guy because I knew that they both had no future with this guy. He was just a guy in the present and he wasn’t worth losing a friend over. These girls grew up together and now they were separating and it was up to me to bring them back together. I eventually got tired of both of them coming to me and complaining about each other, so I thought of a way to bring them back together. One day I made plans with the both of them without the other one knowing and they both showed up. At first, it was kind of awkward because they did not say a word to each other, but I did not give up. I began to tell them about the many memories that we all shared together and that eased up the tension. They ended up sitting down and talking about everything that occurred with this guy and realized that they were being immature about the situation. I made them realize that this guy did not care about them and was ruining a life long friendship for no reason. Overall, I believe I was able to keep the peace by ending a fight between two close friends and later on bring these friends back together and making them realize that they were both wrong. In this situation, I wore the blue helmet and I kept the

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