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A LIST OF SPECIFIC TOPICS STUDIED IN MATHEMATICS AND STATISTICS AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CAPE COAST. MAT 101: ALGEBRA AND TRIGONOMETRY • Commutative, associative, and distributive properties of union and intersection of sets. • The real number system; natural numbers integers, rational and irrational numbers. • Properties of addition and multiplication on the sets of real numbers. • Relation of order in the system of real numbers. • Linear, quadratic, and polynomial functions, radical functions and their graphical representation. Inequality in one or two variables, application to linear programming. • Indices and logarithms; their laws and applications. • Binomial theorem for integral and rational indices and their application. • Linear and exponential series. • Operations on matrices up to 3*3. Inverse of a matrix. • Determinants and their use in solving systems of linear equations. MAT 102: ANALITIC GEOMETRY AND CALCULUS • Regular Cartesian co-ordinates of a point dividing a line segment in a given ratio. • Equation of a circle, equation of intersection of lines and circle. • Limits of a function of one variable at a point. • Continuous functions. • Derivatives of a function and its interpretations as the rate of change. Higher order derivatives. Differentiation of algebraic, circular, exponential functions. Sum, product and quotient rules. Differentiation of composite, absolute values and implicit. Small increments and calculations of approximate values. • Application of derivatives to increasing of functions, maxima and minima. • Curve sketching. Integration of simples continuous function and function by substitution. Parametric representation of loci. The parabola, ellipse and rectangular hyperbola. Chords, tangents and normal. MAT 201: INTRODUCTION TO ABSTRACT ALGEBRA
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