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CSI - AS Past Paper Q & A - by category Examine the relationship between health, physical fitness and exercise. [6] Specimen 2009 The following is indicative of the material that might be included in the answer. Level 1 1-3 Candidate is able to define health, physical fitness and exercise. Level 2 4-6 Candidate is able to recognise the relationship with exercise as the central link. Definitions HEALTH "a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not just the absence of illness". "the state of well-being, free from disease and physically, mentally and emotionally in good shape". PHYSICAL FITNESS "the ability to cope effectively with the stresses of everyday life". "the capacity to carry out everyday activities (work and play) without excessive fatigue". "a capability of the heart, blood vessels, lungs and muscles to function at optimal efficiency. EXERCISE "planned, structured physical activity that enhances aspects of physical, mental and social health and fitness". Candidate recognises the: • Importance of exercise in the relationship. • Lifestyles and levels of stress differ for individuals and so do levels of fitness. • Fitness is made up of several components which can be subdivided into health related components contributing to a healthy body and skill related components which are more appropriate to sports persons, who might wish to develop skill levels. • Being fit can add to your feeling of well-being and make you less likely to suffer from illhealth. • Health concerns affecting people of all ages centre largely on fitness, obesity and cardiac problems. The main way of preventing problems in these areas is through following an increased level of exercise. • From a health perspective, increasing exercise will bring associated health benefits and may enhance fitness. • Exercise does not have to be

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