PE Health Related Exercises

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1. Identify four skill-related components of fitness and give an example of each of a sport that requires a high level of fitness in that component. Four skill-related components of fitness are reaction time, balance, agility and speed. Reaction time is needed in fencing, for example, because you have to be careful so that your opponent does not hit you with his sword when he attacks you. In baseball you need reflexes too (reflexes are the same as reaction time) because you must hit the ball in the proper time and run as soon as you throw it away. A sport where you need a lot of balance may be gymnastics because it is a main objective to the person to stay balanced all the time and do not loose the control of their movements, meaning that they must not fall. Agility is changing direction quickly. Almost every sport helps you to increase your agility; for example, basketball, football, rugby, etc. When you dribble someone or do a specific move to avoid them (like when in rugby someone tries to tackle you but you make a special move to confuse your opponent leaving him/her on the flour). Speed must be important in short distance (for example, 100 metres) competitions: bicycle, running, swimming, skiing, etc. 2. Identify three principles of training and briefly explain each one using a specific sporting example. Three principles of training are overload, progression and recovery. It is a fact that a body must be overloaded above its normal level when exercised. This overload helps the body to adapt to the new “most-difficult” conditions. Therefore, the person’s fitness will increase. Let us say that a person can only run for 20 minutes; that person should run for 25 minutes to overload his muscles. Furthermore, their strength will also increase because the muscles will have to work harder. In addition, he body must be overloaded progressively or it may be

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