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Assessment Area 4 - Injuries, how they affect performance and why B2 – Elite Performer – Louis Oosthuizen – World Number 5 Louis Oosthuizen competes to an exceptional standard each week, consistently finishing well and making it into the FedEx Cup playoffs, which are the closing tournaments of the year only open to those in the top 125 which is accumulated through earning points in each tournament based on your finish. He is widely spoken of to have one of the nicest swings in the game. In the third playoff event, The Deutsche Bank, he had the lead nearing the end of the third round by a few shots and didn’t look like he was going to make any mistakes. He had made 7 birdies; even the commentators were suggesting a 59 was achievable. Towards the end of the round he started hitting wayward shots and holding his pectoral after each shot seemingly in pain. Therefore due to the wayward shots he began to make some bogeys and let the opposition back in. On the final day he had a very average round and Rory Mcilroy played well which meant that from an almost certain winner, he ended up losing the tournament due to an injury in his pectoral. Louis Oosthuizen is a multiple winner on tour and knows how to win, so this suggests that it was the injury that caused the bad play as it is difficult to see how he can go from playing so well to so average in such a short time. As the pain coms from the upper torso, it may have caused him pain on both the backswing and downswing and causing him to decelerate through the ball in order to prevent the pain, or perhaps slightly alter his swing path subconsciously also to avoid the pain. Also, he may have just been in pain which put him off during the swing and lose concentration. B1 – My Weakness – Wrist, blisters and overtiredness Injury can cause a player to be unable to train for a certain time, which means that they are unable

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