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Observation paper Daniel Arostegui Elementary methods Prof. Abby Miller 05/10/2013 I am lucky because before coming this semester to Lindenwood University I spent few hours with my mother. She is a teacher in a school called Telleri. Among different classes, she is the teacher of the Physical Education class for the kids of six and seven years old. The good thing of doing these practices with my mother is that I could participate in those classes. Students are advised what the session will consist on and the material that we will use. They start jogging around the patio making stops and heating their joints; also run throughout the dump but dodging, without colliding with each other. Trotting around the field they have to touch the knees, back, head ... to each other and in turn not to be. Now they get in pairs, lying on the floor, there are two who are going to stay standing one of them has to catch the other. They have to give at least a lap to the filed. When the kids who is scaping wants lies down next to a classmate and that classmate is the one who has to catch the other one, so they change their roles. The kids are placed in pairs and they tell everyone the techniques and tricks they know, and, the other put into practice those techniques and tricks. All techniques are corrected by the teacher to maintein the properly forms.. The teacher always says that she is lucky because of the kids that she has in her class, apparently it looks like they always behave in a correct manner. all the knowledge I have gained during my observation, that despite what I thought was very valuable in the sense that it has served to reinforce my decision to go into teaching, in my field, physical education. During this time I made sure of what I'm doing, because, although I liked from long time ago, I did not know if I would be able to face

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