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Inkdeath by Cornelia Funke To Rolf, always--it was the best of things to be married to Dustfinger. To Ileen, who knows all about loss and was always there to understand and ease the pain. To Andrew, Angie, Antonia, Cam and James, Caroline, Elinor, and last hut for sure not least, Lionel and Oliver, who all brought so much light, warmth, and true friendship to dark days. And to the City of Angels, which fed me with beauty and wilderness and with the feeling that I had found in Inkworld. Contents: 1 Nothing but a Dog and a Sheet of Paper 2 Only a Village 3 Written Silver 4 Ink-Clothes 5 Fenoglio Feels Sorry for Himself 6 Sad Ombra 7 A Dangerous Visit 8 Roxane’s Pain 9 A Giveaway 10 As If Nothing Had Happened 11 Sick with Longing 12 Back in the Service of Orpheus 13 A Knife through the Heart 14 News from Ombra 15 Loud Words Soft Words 16 The Piper’s Offer 17 The Wrong Fear 18 A Dangerous Ally 19 Soldiers’ Hands 20 A Sleepless Night 21 Sharp Words 22 Taking the Bait 23 The Graveyard of the Strolling Players 24 To Blame 25 The End and the Beginning 26 A Familiar Voice 27 Lost and Back Again 28 A New Song 29 A Visitor to Orpheus’s Cellar 30 Sootbird’s Fire 31 The Bluejay’s Answer 32 At Last 33 Herbs for Her Ugliness 34 Burnt Words 35 The Next Verse 36 A Surprising Visitor 37 Only a Magpie 38 A Greeting to the Piper 39 Stolen Children 40 A New Cage 41 Pictures from the Ashes 42 An Audience with the Adderhead 43 Four Berries 44 The Hand of Death 45 Written and Unwritten 46 The Castle in the Lake 47 The Role of Women 48 Waiting 49 Masters New and Old 50 Lazy Old Man 51 The Wrong Helpers 52 The Dead Men in the Forest 53 Human Nests 54 The White Whispering 55 The Wrong Time 56 Fire and Darkness 57 Too Late? 58 Help from Mountains Far Away 59 The Bluejay’s Angels 60 Mother and Son 61 Clothed and Unclothed 62 Black 63 Ah, Fenoglio! 64 Light 65 Made Visible 66 Love

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