Pcns, Hcns, or Both

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Week 3 Case Study Assignment International Human Resource Management XA Instructor: The hotel management asked you if they should look only at internal candidates who are parent country nationals (PCNs) or recruit host country nationals (HCNs). Prepare an argument based on whom you believe should be hired: PCNs, HCNs, or both. I believe that the hotel management should start by setting up the hotel with Parent country nationals (PCNs) and internal candidates should be considered. I think that this is crucial because they can incorporate their organizations values. Once the hotels have been setup and running, they should hire host country nationals (HCNs). The advantage to starting with Parent country nationals is they are well versed in the company’s needs and are familiar with the firm’s products, services, and the local market conditions. Hiring host country nationals will eliminate language barriers, the cost of hiring them is reduced and no work permits will be needed and government policies may encourage hiring of HCNs. I believe that PCNs and HCNs should be hired for the individual positions that will need to be filled at the hotels. There are advantages as well as disadvantages to hiring either. However, the candidates that are PCNs or HCNs can learn from one another and bring with them something that the company needs. Some countries have national localization policies that may require the company to hire locals rather than international employees. HCN employees may not understand the parent company’s culture. Nevertheless, the company can deal with this by basing their hiring decisions on certain criteria that will serve to increase identification with the company and its values. The determining factor in the company’s choices may it be candidates that are HCNs or PCNs, should be the market situation and personal

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