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PC/ Mainframe Paper University of Phoenix Phineas Johnson II POS/355 August 1, 2012 Mr. Tim Anderson PC/ Mainframe Paper This writer will write an 800 word paper comparing and contrasting PC’s and Mainframes. One primary dissimilarity between Mainframes and PC’s is their footprint or size. A PC is usually 18” squared and possibly 8” in width. The majority of individuals who used them can disassemble one with insufficient training or not any at all in order to install a sound card, or a modem. A PC can be purchased from the average computer store for under $1500.00. These PC’s can perform task with intensity with power behind them (Index.com, 2012). On the contrary Mainframes are very high priced and hefty in dimensions. The average individual would not have the ability to unbolt one and insert new mechanism. Mainframes usually are installed in rooms with temperature control with limited access to the average employee. Mainframes are not known for their portability. The maintenance for a Mainframe is usually done by a outside party with strict contracts worth millions. The standard PC usually has 1 to 2 hard drives. The hard drives usually have around 40 Gigabytes of space in each one, plus 255 to 511 MB of RAM. On the other hand Mainframes have 100’s of hard drives in a complicated raid array with thirty plus Terabytes of storage space. Mainframes also contain Gigabytes of memory. The majorities of PC’s operates Windows and are clients in a network atmosphere. Mainframes operate as servers and usually operate UNIX/Linux. There are many differences when one compares Mainframes and PC’s some involve cost, reliability, and performance. The diversities rest largely in I/O and reliability capabilities. Mainframes possess a huge amounts of serviceability and redundancy attributes within. I/O is handled to a

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