Pc Is Ridiculous

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In the Essay “Pc is Ridiculous!” by Alison, the purpose of this essay is to state her opinion on the fact that she believes Political Correctness (pc) is ridiculous to her! She finds it to be so ridiculous that she begins to insult the people who participate in pc. The thesis of this statement begins in paragraph two, although paragraph one does not state much of a thesis because of the way she begins to vent and ramble on how ridiculous it is. But in paragraph two she states the purpose of why we or the populous participate in pc. She states that if we continue to participate we will be a “repressive society” which to me seems very one sided, she speaks to everyone in this essay, because she wants everyone to know that if you participate in the pc, we are not only being ridiculous but we are being a “repressive society.” This essay, or what seems to be an essay, is not an effective argument because of the way she argues, she does not see things from both sides, but she chooses to voice her side and why she thinks it is ridiculous! By just reading the essay once, made me believe that this is not a great essay or argumentative essay why? Because she just argues her point and not seeing it through how other people think of it, just her point of view. As I have stated in my introduction,…show more content…
Not only does she persuaded her audience to understand that PC is getting out of hand, but that she is using the fact that we have the right to a freedom of speech, yet we have PC trying to censor us to say things such as “happy holidays” and “vertically challenged.” But she also beings attention to the fact that it is slowly influencing our colleges, high schools and educational system, as a country of freedom, a country that stands for freedom is slowly censoring the young minds of the next generation to consider that what they are saying is not correct, but we are now being told to say what should
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