Payment System Development Essay

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DECLARATION I declare (a)That the work presented for assessment in this Summer Internship Report is my own, that it has not previously been presented for another assessment and that my debts (for words, data, arguments and ideas) have been appropriately acknowledged. (b)That the work conforms to the guidelines for presentation and style set out in the relevant documentation. TABLE OF CONTENTS EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 8 1. INTRODUCTION 1.1 DEFINITION OF CROSS SELLING 10 1.2 OVERVIEW 10 1.3 PURPOSE OF STUDY 11 1.4 HISTORY OF PARA BANKING IN INDIA 12 1.5 CONTEXT OF STUDY 13 1.6 SIGNIFICANCE OF STUDY 18 1.7 SUMMARY 18 2. REVIEW OF LITERATURE 19 3. RESEARCH METHODS AND PROCEDURES 3.1 PURPOSE OF STUDY 23 3.2 RESEARCH DESIGN 23 3.3 RESEARCH QUESTIONS 23 3.4 PARTICIPANTS 24 3.5 DATA COLLECTION 24 3.6 LIMITATIONS 25 4. DATA ANALYSIS AND FINDINGS 4.1 REVIEW OF METHODOLOGY 26 4.2 RESULTS OF RESEARCH QUESTIONS 4.2. 4.3 SUMMARY OF THE FINDINGS-(COMMON ISSUES IN CROSS SELLING OF FINANCIAL PRODUCTS BY THE BANKS) 65 5. CONCLUSIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS 5.1 SUMMARY OF THE FINDINGS 67 5.2 RECOMMENDATIONS 68 5.3 IMPLICATIONS FOR PRACTICE 70 5.4 IMPLICATIONS FOR FUTURE RESEARCH-(THE WAY FORWARD) 70 6. REFERENCES 71 7. ANNEXURE 7.1 QUESTIONNAIRE FOR THE BANKS 73 7.2 COMPANY PROFILE 77 7.2.1 FUNCTIONS OF RBI EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Payment Systems are the key component of any financial system.They facilitate the movement of money in the economy. The efficient functioning of the payment system makes a key contribution to overall economic performance by allowing safe and timely completion of financial transactions. Indian payment industry has witnessed sea change since the introduction of online payment as more and more consumers are

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