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Paycheck Penalty The paycheck penalty is a resolution that should be applicable to any congressman who stall or delay the great legislation process. Any congressman who stalls or delay any proposals due to their pride or stubbornness shall have their paycheck stalled or delayed. Withheld wages should or would encourage all congressmen to push the great legislation process as the forefathers intended. Year in and year out the tactics that “other people” use is only getting worse. This resolution should encompass salaries getting delayed even as long as an ordinary recess. Many people should support this idea due to the strenuous dilemmas that occur because of great proposals being killed in action. This resolution should be designed to counter “other people” personal problems. This bill will put the fire out. The fire of strategic and downright unethical tactics will be extinguished with this great resolution. Senator Enzi would love to promote this resolution because it will unify the G.O.P and its agenda efforts. The House because of G.O.P. leadership as well as the G.O.P. leadership in the Senate would be very enthusiastic about this resolution. This resolution will stop the prolonging of great ideas and proposals getting stepped on. Many constituents would back this resolution, especially in the state of Wyoming, because they finally could have the opportunity to have their voice heard. This resolution is a great motivator in getting things done. If only the forefathers could imagine a great idea like this coming into existence. The “paycheck penalty” shall be scheduled immediately. This resolution will be operated more informally in the Senate than in the House.1 This resolution will not be decided like the House’s simple majority. This resolution will take into the account of every individual concern. In the Senate it will be debated without

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