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Student-Athletes Should Not Be Paid The debate on whether or not to pay student-athletes in Division I sports is now at an all-time high. College athletics is a billion dollar industry, and like any other money making business, everyone wants a piece of the pie. Take for example the number 1,246,291,566. That is the amount in dollars that the top ten grossing college athletic departments in the country made in 2011 (USA Today). Now consider that number is based on ten schools out of 228. Surely that alone is justification to pay the athletes that are essentially the top reason the schools are making this much money to begin with. But is it? These numbers are misleading as they only factor in the revenue, and not the expenses. Look deeper into the argument and it becomes evident that there would be negative consequences for all involved. Due to the fact that scholarships are already given out, the bad precedence it would set, and the lack of funding for universities across the country, student-athletes should not be paid to play their respective sport. There’s a distinct advantage most student-athletes have over the average pupil: the fact that they receive scholarships that cover the cost of tuition, food, board, and books. Isn’t this already a form of payment to the player? What about all the other perks that come along with scholarships? Athletes have the ability to work out in some of the best gyms across the globe, twenty-hour access to personal trainers for not only weight training, but nutritional as well, and free travel costs. What about receiving some of the best coaching money can buy? Seventy head football coaches in Division I are getting paid over one million dollars per year for roughly twelve games (USA Today). Not only by the head coach, but by positional coaches as well. An average collegiate football team maintains around ten coaches, ranging

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