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The Diverse Nature of Psychology It is not a surprise that the field of psychology is as extensive as it is due to the diverse culture in which we live. People are both the same and different. We are different because of where we live, what we have learned and the rules we live by. We are the same because we are all human beings who feel, think, listen and see. Because of this wide range of differences and likenesses, psychology is divided into subdisciplines and subtopics in order to focus on and study specific behaviors. This paper is concerned with the influence of diversity in psychology, assessment of two sub-areas within psychology, and the practical application of psychology to two disciplines, to the end of better defining the field of psychology. Influence of Diversity Psychological knowledge, like all knowledge, is a product of different cultures, historical periods, ways of thinking, developing technologies and the acceptability of different methods and kinds of evidence. According to Kowalski & Weston (2005), “Culture refers to the influence of membership in a larger group such as a tribe or nation. A society is not simply the summation of the individuals that make up the society. Rather, culture impacts psychological functioning of individuals within the society” (pg 27). In order for psychology to understand the diverse nature of these individuals, it requires diversity in its major concepts. It is important to have a good understanding of the major concepts in psychology so that one may understand the foundational elements of psychology (Plante, 2005). Each of these concepts focuses on a different area related to human behavior. The psychodynamic perspective posits that our thoughts and behavior are controlled by our conscious and unconscious interacting (Plante, 2005). The behaviorist view focuses on how external forces influence

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