Pavitra Chalam's Short Films Essay

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“I was a drug addict. I have tried possibly all kinds of drugs that are available in the country. I had become a slave of my own body” says Suvrat Babu in the documentary film “My Friend Addict” directed by Pavitra Chalam. The film centers a foundation known as the ‘Dare Foundation’ that has helped over 600 addicts and their families across India. It also explores the various methods implemented by the foundation to bring the addict back to a normal way of living. An athlete, a National level roller skater, a visionary and a documentary film maker, Pavitra Chalam chose the path of film making as the means to get her message across to the world and bring forth the social issues that need attention. She was privileged to represent India at the Youth Initiative for Peace in Pakistan where she made her film debut with ‘Bus’ – a cinematic exposition of the shared ideals of the youth of both nations. As a journalist at the World Youth Congress in Morocco, Pavitra contributed to the creation of the Casablanca Declaration presented to the United Nations. Her film making journey began soon after she was selected by the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) for an intensive course in Broadcast Journalism and she went on to graduate from the prestigious New York Film Academy. Till date she has made more than 20 films. She made “Anamika- Her Glorious Past”, a documentary on Devadasis which was her thesis at NYFA. Later it received critical acclaim at the Sixth Indo American Arts Council (IAAC) Film Festival, 2006 in New York. This film, “Anamika-Her Glorious Past” tries to understand the Devadasis (‘Deva’ means ‘God’ and ‘Dasi’ means ‘servant’), and explores their glorious past in India. Pavitra has worked with many organizations

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