Pavana Journey Essay

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Journey A journey is a place which is moving one place to another. The longest Journey that we as human beings will have to go through is the Journey of life. From the moment we are born we are faced with the most horrifying roller coaster ride. Life has its ups and downs and at the most unexpected times can go into a spiralling down fall, which has rough and bumpy corners. We are faced with the question: Do we have any control on what our future holds or which turn we will take? Journeys are moments in life that define and reconstruct the myths we create about ourselves and others. I have come to embrace the mantra “Be the Best You Can Be”. It is that “goal” to be the best I can be. For achieving goal is not a cup of tea, must be faced with many obstacles. As related to study of year 11 I have discovered that journey can be physical, spiritual, inner, challenging and emotion. Many of teachers are explaining about the journey through showing the movies and reading the novels in school. I am using to write this essay with the movies and novels what I learned in the class which is relevant to the journey. It is true life cannot be perfect all the time, but inside I would like to think that we all have a feeling that makes us want to go and erase the past and start over again. In contrast with the movie which I have seen in the class “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” shows that (the casting actor) Mitty was feeling disappointment for his self being a boring person. Later on he found the positiveness and motivation to live life from his girlfriend and his friend (Sean). Life is a mixture of happiness and sadness. Nobody grew-up with a constant emotion. Many situations will test our emotion. It will make us happy, sad or angry but one thing we must remember, it is just a test given to us to make us stronger. Life is a lifetime challenge. Everyone has his burden
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