Paul's Philemon Against The Institutions Of Slavery

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Mrs. Dietz 8/23/10 Literature Heidi McCune Paul writes in the book of Philemon against the institutions of slavery. He specifically takes notice of a young man named Onesimus who had been in prison with Paul. The reader is led to believe that Oneismus is in fact a slave to others. Paul uses pursuasion to gently urge the body of believers to accept Onesimus just as they would accept himself. In verses eight and nine of Philemon, Paul subtly states “Therefore, although in Christ I could be bold and order you to do what you ought to do, yet I appeal to you on the basis of love.” When Paul says “I could be bold and order you to do what you ought to do...” he quietly reminds the church that they are very clearly called to be a light in the shadow…show more content…
The church is directly called to speak up against it and do as God calls us to do in order to stop the still growing crime. The church is the Body of Christ and if we do not stretch out the hand that God gave us then we will be like a barren vine that has heard the Word but has yet to live it. Paul also states in Philemon that he is very much a slave to Christ. A true Christian is bound to His teachings and to strive for the exemplary life that Christ lived just as a slave is bound to the chains of his master. There are many things that the church could do to prevent slavery today although the majority of those who are taking action do not know the love and bond of Christ. The ultimate goal in overpowering slavery is to become what is so feared- a slave. August first the Assosiated Press wrote an article about a Colorado woman who served just a measley two months in jail for holding an Indonesian woman captive for four years. Along with her jail time she was sentenced to pay 90,000 dollars in restitution. There are numerous cases other than this that occurred in the United States alone. People need to be reached. Slavery needs to be brought to attention. Just as Shakespear says, “Soft pity enters and iron gate.” Pity is nothing unless we act apon it. Learn and take to heart the Word of God and we can not only take pity but we can also learn to have compassion. The people who are taken as slaves can be not only slaves to their masters, but they can still yet be slaves to our

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