Paulo Freire’s “the ‘Banking’ Concept of Education” Analytical Essay

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In modern times, many articles have been written and released criticizing America’s modern education. For example, “A Mathematician’s Lament”, written by Paul Lockhart, addresses the author’s displeasure with how mathematics is taught in many schools. Paulo Freire’s article, “The ‘Banking’ Concept,” travels in the same direction as Lockhart’s, except Freire addresses the educational system as a whole. He theorizes that the modern model of education is oppressing students by putting them in an environment where the teacher simply “deposits” information for the students to “receive, memorize, and repeat.” Freire proceeds to bash the modern model of education, which he coins “the “banking” concept of education. He extracts and amplifies the flaws that the “banking “concept possesses, and suggests a new model which he names the “problem-posing method.” Freire utilizes his critical views on modern day education to convey his opinion about the need for educational reform through hyperbolic language, comparison and contrast, and metaphors, demonstrating that problem-posing education allows people to develop their power to critically analyze “the way they exist in the world with which and in which they find themselves; they come to see the world not as a static reality, but as a reality in process, in transformation,” therefore expanding their perspective beyond what is taught in the classroom. Freire’s use of hyperbolic language is evident through the entire article. His puts great emphasis on the fact that the “banking” concept of education is not beneficial at all. For example, Freire states that in the “banking” concept of education, teachers fill their students with a narration with “contents which are detached from reality, disconnected from the totality that engendered them and could give them significance. Words are empted of their concreteness and become a

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