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Sarah Krastman Ms. Jennifer Giarrusso English 1 CAS Period 1 29 October 2014 Question: How does Cather use specific characterization methods to develop Paul in “Paul’s Case”? “Paul’s Case” Characterization Analysis In “Paul’s Case,” Cather characterizes Paul through his appearance, his actions, and the use of dialogue. One of the major obstacles in this story is the struggle to find his true identity. No one seems to understand him. In the middle of “Paul’s Case” there is a switch in narration. This is helpful to the reader because it highlights the internal and external conflicts Paul struggles with throughout “Paul’s Case”. Although his parents and teachers strike him as abnormal, but Paul, however, feels misunderstood. His appearance in the story reflects the strange vibe his family members and his teachers feel for him. The teachers classify Paul as “different” due to some of the little quirks and looks he had. “Paul was tall for his age and very thin, with high, cramped shoulders and a narrow chest. His eyes were remarkable for a certain hysterical brilliancy, and he continually used them in a conscious, theatrical sort of way, peculiarly offensive in a boy. The pupils were abnormally large, as though he were addicted to belladonna, but there was a glitter about them which that drug did not produce” (Cather 1). The thing that makes him almost horrifying to look at in the eyes of his family and teachers is his tendency to reveal his teeth when smiling in a very unmanly manner. “(His lips were continually twitching, and he had a habit of raising his eyebrows that was contemptuous and irritating to the last degree.)” (Cather 1). This, however, was the most irritating quality he carried. Paul’s actions in “Paul’s Case” help to represent the consequences and fears of confronting reality. Paul was not considered to be a good student because he

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