Paul: The Trials And Imprisonment Of Paul

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The Trials and Imprisonment of Paul Tara Baker BIB123 M7 Grand Canyon University Introduction Paul was coming to the end of his third mission in Corinth and was preparing for his trip to Jerusalem. He had wanted to be there for Passover and to deliver a offering of money. There would be problems for Paul when he arrives in Jerusalem, he would be arrested and put on trial. This paper will discuss the last part of Paul’s life and what took place in his trials and imprisonment. Paul vs. the People The defendant Paul was on his last missionary journey in Corinth, he was preparing to go to Jerusalem for pass over. After arriving there he was arrested and accused of many things first bringing a Gentile into the Temple, promoting a religion not approved by Roman law, and being a trouble maker. Trial before Gallio…show more content…
Here the Jews had brought Paul to court on charges that “This man,” “is persuading the people to worship God in ways contrary to the law” (Acts 18:12-17). As Paul was getting ready to state his case, Gallio spoke to the Jews and said “If you Jews were making complaints about some misdemeanor or serious crime, it would be reasonable for me to listen to you” ( Acts 18:14). Gallio told them since it had to do with their own law they would have to settle the issue themselves; he would not make a judgment on these issues. Gallio had them ejected from the

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