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Paul Revere's Ride Paul Revere's Ride, written by David Hackett Fischer, is about Paul Revere, General Thomas Gage and the world of Boston's revolutionary movement. The book depicts the two sides of the American Revolution and helps better the understanding of why it happened. Oxford University Press in New York published the book in 1994. Paul Revere was born on the small island of Guernsey in the English Channels. Paul and his family came to Boston, by boat, when he was twelve years old, after escaping the Catholic persecution of Protestant Huguenots in France. He began to work under an elderly goldsmith after he arrived in Boston. When he was old enough, he opened his own goldsmith business. At the age of 19 he took over his fathers goldsmith business when he died. Paul was a successful goldsmith, but he was also very active in his community. Paul gained access to the other leading political people of the town of Boston and he was invited to join their elite groups that controlled local politics. He later becomes a regular member of their inner circle, which included such people as James Otis, Benjamin Edes, John Hancock and Sam Adams. Being in the inner circle with the local political leaders in Boston, Paul Revere was also involved from the beginning of the resistance to the British. He played a role in getting the Stamp Act repeal celebrations together, resistance to the Townshend Acts, harassing British soldiers in Boston, the Boston Massacre, and the Boston Tea Party. The British put a tax on tea, which caused an outrage in the colonies. Many people of Boston then went to the tea ships in the port of Boston and emptied hundreds of gallons of tea into the Harbor. General Thomas Gage gave advice to Parliament in response to the Boston Tea Party. Parliament came up with the Coercive Acts, which closed the port of Boston and only allowed one town meeting

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