Paul Potter's Speech: Students For A Democratic Society

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Paul Potter’s Speech: Paul Potter was the president for the SDS, Students for a Democratic Society. He addressed the public in a famous speech about the war in Vietnam. He describes how America’s role has not only been extremely harmful to the people of Vietnam but has also been harmful to the people of the U.S. When Potters states: “We must name that system. We must name it, describe it, analyze it, understand it and change it” he is talking about the injustices of the American government. The more the American people are better to understand the way our system really works the more we will have the power to change the corrupt system. One point that stood out for me was when he said that the U.S. was so afraid that if they were to leave…show more content…
She was one the SDS and CORE committee. She constantly gave of herself going down to the south to participate sit-ins and demonstrations. Although she loved to give of herself to people she didn’t feel satisfied as if something was missing. Her friend said something to her, which really resonated with her. Her friend said, “You know, you’ll never be a radical as long as you don’t see how the system affects you. You always think it affects other people.” This was really a defining moment in her life. She then started to think about how the men would only make public speeches and debate about all of the stats on the Vietnam War. She was doing a lot for the Civil Rights movement but did that mean that women were not as important as blacks? She then started forming a group in Cambridge that would be known as “Bread and Roses”. During a time where so much change was happening it was a time for women to take a stand for themselves instead of trying to save everyone else. Popkin was very tactful and smart in her efforts to make a significant change in her own life as well as the lives of so many women. Women like Annie have certainly made my life better. Her story is an inspiration to keep standing up for myself in a patriarchal society we still live in today. If it were not for women like her we would still be stuck in the same system of injustice. She is definitely one woman that I could aspire to be

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