Paul On Faith, Hope, And Love Essay

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“Paul on Faith, Hope, and Love”, and “I’ve Seen the Promised Land” Word Count: 1140 GHUM 1052 (Wednesday’s class) By: Mandy Weber Due: November 24, 2010 #1.) In the article “Paul on Faith, Hope, and Love” from I Corinthians, refers to the meaning of love. In Paul’s view you can have amazing qualities like knowledge and faith, but if you do not have love; all of the qualities you have to offer do not matter. This is because love is the most important asset to have. Paul states, “And if I have prophetic powers, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have all faith, so as to remove mountains, but have not love, I am nothing.” The article states the definition of love and what love can accomplish. Love is real and never dies, every quality a person has can pass away. Love is the only quality that can’t die because love is so strong. This concept of love is hard to grasp for children, because children have an egocentric approach to life; they view the world through tunnel vision. As children grow older they will start to view the world differently, from the big picture. When children grow into adolescence it may become clearer how important love really is. Paul concludes that faith, hope, and love are necessary to be the greatest person you can be, but love is the greatest. In the article “I’ve Seen the Promised Land” Martin Luther King, Jr. speaks of doing what god intended us to do, which is to help our fellow man. King tells a story of a man who tried to trick Jesus. Jesus tells the man who tried to trick him about another man who had fallen among thieves. A priest and a Levite passed the fallen man but no one helps him. A man of another race walks by, he sees the fallen man and performs first aid. King states, “Jesus ended up saying, this was the

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