Paul Bildungsroman In Peter Goldsworthy's Maestro

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Paul Crabbe is the protagonist of Peter Goldsworthy’s ‘Maestro’, an only child in a family who hold their own musical ambitions through their son, encouraging and demanding perfection. It his through Goldsworthy’s portrayal of Paul’s relationship with Keller and the other characters within the novel that the audience learns that Paul is a spoilt and arrogant child, and it is this ignorance which hinders him from achieving his dreams of musical greatness and perfection. Goldsworthy further develops Paul’s ignorant lust for perfection in the structure of a Bildungsroman, as it shows Paul’s coming of age and growth from childhood to maturity. Through implementing recognizable literary codes within the novel, such as character and plot codes, the audience is positioned to consider the dominant invited reading of the text, and by implementing an unconventional and disrupted plot code on various epochs of Paul’s…show more content…
Keller is recognizing this emotional growth of Paul, and by structuring the novel in this way he is allowing for the audience to accept this invited reading.Goldsworthy frustrates the reader by reverting Paul to his common nature when this relationship climaxes, as Keller has adopted Paul as his own son and is ready to spill his heart out and explain the horrors that engulf his past and haunt his present, Paul cannot fight his adolescent passions over his quest for knowledge. Even though Goldsworthy had seemingly revealed earlier of Paul’s growth of maturity and realization of importance of deep friendship and passion when he chooses Rosie over Megan, yet now he cannot differentiate the importance of a night of physical excitement over a spiritual and mature connection within a
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