Patterns in Angela's Ashes

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The main pattern is seen in Frank’s father. Malachy finds it hard to find a job, let alone keep a job. His northern accent and odd manner makes people uncomfortable. Angela claims this is why he has such trouble getting a job. When Malachy gets a job, he is unable to keep it because he gets drunk and loses the job. This is a pattern throughout the novel, and never changes. Even when his family does come into some money, his alcoholism gets the best of him once again. There is an apparent cycle of poverty that exists through the novel. Poverty can easily become a malicious finger- pointing circle, and Angela participates in this “game.” She constantly nags Malachy of his alcoholism and his northern accent and odd manner. Frank’s father keeps his family in the cycle of poverty. Frank eventually breaks through this pattern to achieve his dream of “freedom.” Leaving his father behind with his addiction. Another pattern that can be seen is how Frank’s style of writing attracts the reader and makes the reader grasp the book. Frank’s use of run-on’s and humor kept me turning the pages. The book kept me glued to the words. This aspect makes him a very talented author. Malachy stays a drunken alcoholic through the novel. What surprised me was that Angela never was able to leave him, before he left her. She could see that Malachy had no future and couldn’t do anything to better himself or his family. Angela waited until he left to try to move on with her life. Another thing that was surprising was Frank’s bluntly put descriptions. When Michael, Frank’s brother had so much congestion in his head, Malachy put his mouth over the baby’s nose and sucked all of the congestion out. Frank described this event in great detail, sparing no one’s stomach. What was also surprising was Frank’s ability to make
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