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“Only seeing patterns can give us knowledge, only seeing particular examples can give us understanding” To what extent do you agree with these assertions? Patterns dominate the world. You may not think that, but where ever you are you will see a pattern. It doesn’t have to be a consistent pattern, but maybe a group of shapes or objects put together, whether on purpose or naturally. Patterns are key to our memory, although not as powerful as sound, remembering patterns can be very simple, or very hard and mind-bombing. What is a pattern? Like mentioned before, visual patterns are group of objects, shapes or colors put together to form some sort of identity in terms of how they look. How do you spot a pattern? When spotting a pattern, you usually spot it using the sight sense. This is one of the 5 senses, and predominantly the strongest, most unique sense. Sight allows you to spot patterns and tell the difference between them. Sight plays a massive role in our lives; it dominates our perception of the world. It even dominates our descriptive vocabulary. This is because we need to see a visual pattern before being able to describe it and enhancing this description by adding detail requires the use of sight to a higher extent. These patterns being visual patterns, can only be recognized or even seen through sight. When there is a visual pattern, the only way of knowing anything about it, is seeing it. But understanding a pattern is completely different requiring more focused concentration and a higher use of the sight sense. Understanding patterns. In order for someone to understand a pattern, they have to see it first. Someone cannot describe a pattern from previous experiences, because it can be the same pattern with the slightest change therefore not being the same pattern. Also the inclusion of light makes a massive difference. If you see two examples of a

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