Patriotism American Essay

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Essay one Patriotism and declaration for our American flag, the flag defines, freedom, independence and respect. The devoted love of America, and justice for all, also defense to protect the flag. American’s Willingness to sacrifice for our flag shows great loyalty. Desecration to the flag is prohibited, burning the Flag is illegal and is a constitutional law of the U.S. of America. The American flag symbolizes pride and freedom and is known worldwide. The flag also is known for symbolizing holidays. It is flown on holidays such as Veterans Day, Independence Day, and Memorial Day, in some parts of the country, the flag must be displayed at all times, for instance in the Military. I lived on base for ten years and it is a mandatory duty to display the American flag; the white house is another example that shows our pride as Americans. The U.S. is the most influential country, and its flag is a highly recognized symbol. It also symbolizes freedom in different parts of the world. The American flag is very important because it symbolizes independence plus values to its U.S. citizens. Whose values are justice and freedom. Also it shows our pride in our country and the accomplishments we as people have made. Burning the American flag is an illegal act in America. The American flag represents our American military soldiers. It also identify deployment of its brave American soldiers who have been protecting our country for decades, our soldiers wear two flag patches one on the left shoulder and one on the right shoulder, But the flag is also a constant reminder that a soldier is always engaged in war at home and abroad. our men and woman were deployed into combat recently due to the terrorist attack on 9/11. The American soldiers sacrificed their lives to protect what our flag stands for. We need to

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