Patriot Act Essay

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Patriot Act Everyday, many United States citizens are investigated and detained by there own government for what they are told as, “involvement and association with domestic terrorism”, simply based on the way they practice their civil rights and liberties. Unfortunately this has become a reality under the Patriot Act, and although there is good to come from the Patriot Act it is short-lived and to far apart to justify the thousands of wrongfully detained American citizens. A recent government survey released by the United States Justice Department shows that since the Patriot Act was put into action on October 26, 2001, and revised on November 21, 2006 over twenty thousand United States citizens where investigated and detained, but only ten percent where found to be “legitimate domestic terrorism”. So what happens to the other ninety percent? Unfortunately they are all caught in the balance between the ever-expanding power of the patriot act, and in most cases they are stripped of their freedoms and left for dead, by the country that is suppose to be protecting them. This brings us to the most important question of all, is it possible for the United States government to locate and combat terrorism within the United States without undermining the American citizens civil rights and liberties? One of the most controversial aspects of the Patriot Act is Section 215, which states that the United States government has Access to records and other items under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. This allows the FBI to order any person to turn over “any tangible things”, so long as the FBI specifies that the order is “for an authorized investigation to protect against international terrorism”. Section 215 greatly expands the FBI's power to spy on ordinary people living in the United States, including United States citizens and permanent residents,

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