Patrick Henry and Mazzini Essay

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Mazzini’s main ideas: The principal idea is to give an end to moral anarchy and to achieve that Italy becomes an independent and sovereign nation of free and equal citizens. Mazzini thought that the Italian unification had to arise from the Italian people to whom he was giving a very special force and a spirit through his speech. He was trying to educate the Italians, later to rebel against the established power, and wanted to create a true society with a common belief and a common aim, in which the main principle is to love God, humanity and their Nation. Mazzini and Patrick Henry (similarities and differences) The main similaritie between Patrick Henry and Giuseppe Mazzini were that they both encouraged people to fight, while Henry encouraged the colonists of Virginia to use military force to defend individual freedom from British laws, Mazzini encouraged the Italians to fight for Italy’s union and freedom under a republican government. Both in their speeches appeal to higher powers using God, liberty and justice as motivation for their main goal. They fought for what they believed was right and was the best for their countries. One of the main differences could be that they lived in different historical periods and in different countries going through different situations, Patrick Henry lived in the 18th century in the United States during the American Independence, while Mazzini lived in the 19th century in Italy during the Italian unification. In conclusion even thought Mazzini and Patrick Henry lived in different periods different countries and different situations they looked forward for one only thing, freedom and the wellness of their

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