Patrick Henry and Ben Franklin

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Patrick Henry and Benjamin Franklin are two very amazing men in America. They both share some of the same qualities and they both also differ, these two men have accomplished great tasked in there life’s. These men with their minds and personalities have helped people throughout the years and even changed their lives. They have also had very influential speeches and very persuasive methods of telling good news to the American people. In the speech written by Patrick Henry he is trying to declare that the American people are under British rule, and are being completely controlled. Patrick says through his speech that if we do not fight now there will eventually be nothing to fight for, because the British rule will take over. In the speech by Benjamin Franklin he talks about some parts of the constitution approve, he believes that the government is right for the people but it was truly not made for the people. These speeches were both written to solve a problem, these two brave men ready to do something to fight that problem, to try to rise against the odds and skirmish for what they believe in. In the speech written by Patrick Henry he starts by setting up others to listen to him by talking about patriotism. Patrick also in this speech starts by complimenting the other speakers to gain attention of the viewers. In the speech written by Benjamin Franklin he starts out the speech by stating what he believes about the constitution, and proceeds to use ethos and pathos in the first paragraph, by talking about religion and how the common man should feel. Patrick Henry in his speech is fighting for freedom, and to be able to walk and be at liberty without British rule, while Benjamin franklin is talking to the president trying to get a better and more stable for the people constitution. The original idea of these speeches is to lift out to the people for help, these two

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