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Patricia Piccinini Essay

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  • on August 29, 2012
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* Patricia Piccinini – Post Modern Frame
In Australia, a middle aged woman was starting to explore different ways in which would change the ideas and perspective of how artworks are represented. She had started to experiment with the use of technology and sculptures into creating “weird” and mysterious creatures, to which she called beauty and unique. She is a woman who explores the relationship between the natural and the artificial, and the technological intervention in producing and enhancing life – by creating mutated or “different looking” creatures. This magnificent Australian woman is called Patricia Piccinini. She likes to challenge some of the big ethical issues of the world we live in now, such as scientific experiments with organisms.
In Piccinini’s montage, Protein Lattice – Subset Red from 1997, Piccinini has placed a professional fashion model posing with a digitally generated rat with a life-size human ear growing on its back. The rat refers to a real laboratory experiment during the time, where the rat was used as a host for injecting it with human stem cells – later an ear grew on the rat’s back. The idea behind this artwork is to question the ethics of modern science by creating an artificial human ear on a rat. In contrast it is also representing how the model has everything to be perfect about, yet we as human don’t find this unusual. It is making a point that human beings can be experimented on just like the lab rat, as the model might have been digitally enhanced by Photoshop or has been genetically ‘perfected’.

Patricia Piccinini is an artist who explores the themes of science and technology, and challenges the audience the consequences of science intervening in natural creation. She explores the dimensions of motherhood and offspring’s, as well as the ideas of “perfection” and “beauty” that has brainwashed the society. She is particularly interested in how the audience responds to objects that are classified as ‘cute’ as opposed to...

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