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<BR>Patricia Cambell Hearst was attending the University of California in 1974. She was nineteen years old and the granddaughter of press tycoon William Randolph Hearst. Hearst was engaged to be married to her math professor, Steven Weed. <br> On the night of February 4 three members of the Symbionese Liberation Army, better known as the SLA burst through the door of her home in Berkley. Wood was at her home with her at the time. The SLA beat Weed into unconsciousness and blindfolded Hearst then threw her in the trunk. She was then thrown into a closet. <br>Donald DeFreeze known as Cinque or Cin, the leader of the SLA, greeted Hearst. Cinque would come into the closet and talk to Hearst. The whole time she was blindfolded so she only knew him by voice. Cinque was an escaped convict trying to free his friends in prison. Cinque had recruited people and made them believe they were…show more content…
Everyday she would do rigorous sets of exercises. Tania and the other members would do push-ups, sit-ups, and running. Tania was very far behind the other members in the physical aspect. Many of the other members also doubted that she would be true to the SLA. After enduring about two weeks of the training, Cinque thought that the army was ready for battle. <br>Cinque decided that they needed money, and quick. The members had talked about robbing a beauty salon because of the lack of security there. Cinque disagreed because they would not get the money they needed. He told them that they needed to rob a bakery. A bakery is a bank. Cinque called it this because he said, “that’s where the bread is.” The SLA began planning, getting ammunition and disguises. <br>On April 15, 1974 the SLA robbed the Hibernia Bank. Cinque had told Tania that she was to give a speech to the hostages saying that she was doing this under her own free will. While in the bank, Tania froze and could not utter a word. <br>

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