Patricia Cornewell, Theme In Literature

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Karri Hollingsworth Dana Hatcher ENG-111-WA 5 October 2011 Theme’s found in Literature One reason I love to read is because depending on the choice of book, a feeling and an escape is provided. Different Author’s can trigger an emotion and deepen our understanding of a certain subject. Patricia Cornwell is a murder/mystery writer who provides these aspects for me and shows different themes throughout most of her fiction novels. For me, her writing is “escape literature” providing entertainment all while making me ask myself “what is it that she is trying to say?” I have read Patricia Cornwell’s entire “Kay Scarpetta” series and each of these novels reveals several recurring themes; courage, ambition, happiness. Patricia chose a strong female to be her main character. Even though her first in the series, ”Postmortem” was released in 1990, “strong” woman was still a rare occurrence. Dr. Kay Scarpetta “was the chief medical examiner of Virginia and struggles with sexism regarding her ability to handle a man’s job.” ( She received several awards for her first crime novel including the French Prix du Roman d’ Adventure award. I feel Patricia was edging her way into the writers world with this novel as the theme “courage” is found throughout this novel (and most of her future works as well). For several writers, writing itself is an escape. Patricia grew up with a severely depressed mother and was basically given to Reverend and Mrs. Billy Graham who in turn, placed her into a foster home with a missionary couple.

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