Patient Safety Through Technology Essay

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Patient Safety through Health Information Technology By Gbemileke Bello Chamberlain College of Nursing NR 101: Transitions in Nursing Patient Safety through Health Information Technology This paper examines the article authored by Amit X. Garg, MD; Neill K. J. Adhikari, MD; Heather McDonald, MSc; M. and Patricia Rosas-Arellano with the aim of identifying how patient safety can be improved through Health Information Technology. The paper discusses the various stratified concepts in nursing presented in the article. The critical concept in nursing discussed in this paper is patient safety through health Information Technology. To help understand these concepts, a comparison between the safety in healthcare and safety in the aviation sector is discussed. Health Care System in the United States The United States health care system is historically fragmented and inefficient system based on a fee-for-service structure. Garg AX et al. (2011) notes that this type of system can lead to poor coordination in patient care; thereby, leading to unnecessary readmissions, complications and even mortality. According to the article, technology interaction, staff reduction and poor training define the major aspects that lead to adverse occurrences in healthcare system. For the past decades, the US has been reforming from this approach by combining policy and market driven forces to foster a shift towards value-based healthcare system. Value-based Healthcare System is a better system that improves on the quality, efficiency and safety of patient centred care (Garg et al., 2011). Health Information Technology is critical in supporting the efforts of that reformation by helping nurses to identify at risk patients and unnecessary care using Information Technology. Effects of Health

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