Patient Safety Essay

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Patient Safety According to Weeks W.B. et al (2000), each day, far too many patients are harmed unnecessarily through their interaction with the healthcare system. It is then that the measures of institutional safety in healthcare are declining and thus considered that receiving medical care is risky. In fact, “frequency of fatal outcomes in medical care is estimated to exceed those from motor vehicle accidents” Weeks W.B. et al (2000). Problems in patient safety are due to, as Kohn L. et al (2000) stated, many kinds of adverse events (“any unintended or unexpected event that could or did lead to harm for one or more patients” cited by Milligan F. et al (2005)) in patient safety that may occur during the course of providing health care. If truth be told, it “estimates that tens of millions of patient world-wide suffer disabling injuries or death every year due to unsafe medical care” WHO (2008). Such events that are mentioned by Kohn L. et al (2000) include transfusion errors, adverse drug events (ADE), wrong site of surgery and surgical injuries, preventable suicides, restraint-related injuries or death, hospital-acquired or other treatment related infections, falls, pressure ulcers and mistaken identity. It is thought that more than two-thirds or about 70% of these adverse events are preventable that is why patient safety has become increasingly important in Health Care. In relation to adverse events that occur in hospital setting, medical error plays a distressing role in patient safety as it gets in the way of the quality of care. Kohn L. et al (2000) states that health care is not as safe as it should be due to the fact that sizeable body of evidence points to medical errors as leading cause of death and injury. Milligan F. et al (2005) states that such incidents can have physical and psychological effect not only to the patient, but to families, friends
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