Patient Outbreak Report

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Patient Outbreak Report Medical Interventions October 4, 2012 Period 6 I. Introduction This investigation started when a group of students at Chancellor University were reporting to the college infirmary with various symptoms for medical treatment. The symptoms and brief information of the relations f the students were recorded and taken into account. Diagnoses were deduced from the list of symptoms of the patients being grouped into common groups i.e fevers, lethargy, sore throat. Some DNA sequence were provided for a number of students that were in the infirmary, which allowed us to run a specific test on them to diagnose the patient with a specific pathogen or disease. Following the diagnoses, we came up with the prognoses of these patients along with treatment options and other interventions to help these students affected. Symptoms The patients’ symptoms and relations are as followed. Sue - She is an18 year-old biology major who plays on the college soccer team. She also has not been having regular sleep patterns and she pulls all-nighters. She’s reported extreme lethargy, a constant headache, a tight neck, and a high fever of 100.6oF. She is in contact with: Jill: Her room/teammate. Anthony: School photographer who sometimes catches her at her games. Maggie: Lives on the same floor and has Chemistry together. Maria: Lives in the same hall and shares food and drinks. Jill - She is also a soccer player, and a very active individual. She also reported having an occasional cigarette here and there. - She has reported to be feeling run down, her body feels tight and sore despite working with a trainer and keeping her fluid levels in balance with her athletic lifestyle, and a slight fever of 99.7oF. She is in contact with: Sue: her room/teammate. Anthony: School photographer
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