Patient Intake Process Essay

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Understanding the Patient Intake Process Tonya Hardway HCR220/Claims Preparation1: Clean Bill of Health December 10, 2011 Dustin Gettel Understanding the Patient Intake Process Patients before his or her first visit needs to be categorized, as a new patient or an established patient. The new patient has not seen a doctor or a doctor of the same specialty in the past three years. They facility will collect five important types of information from the patient. They ask for their name, how to contact them, where they live, date of birth, their sex, how they will pay for the encounter, if referred from another doctor, and the reason for the visit. Preregistration can be done before the patient sees the doctor and all the information needed to schedule the appointment. When, the patient comes into the office he or she will be given many forms to be filled out. The new patient needs to find if the provider is a participating provider for their plan to avoid paying a…show more content…
The established patient might have to update his or her information that the facility has on file. When they call for an appointment, they will ask them their name, date of birth, and the reason for the visit. Then when you go to the appointment they will ask for your insurance to make sure is up-to-date. If you have co-pay the patient will have to pay it before they are seen or the patient might be turned away. They will double check to make sure all information is the same or if anything needs to be changed, like your address, phone number, and your insurance provider. Some will take a copy of your insurance card every time you visit, and some will take it only when you change your policy. A new or established patient can sign an assignment of benefits statement so the physicians can submit the claim for the patient and receive the money faster and save the patient from doing all the
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