Patient Intake Process Analysis

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Understanding the Patient Intake Process Stacy D. Gunn HCR/220 01/26/2014 University of Phoenix Understanding the Patient Intake Process When first entering the healthcare system some patients have concerns or worries, so being knowledgeable of the patient intake is very important. Vital information must be taken upon a patient’s arrival for the first time to the facility, office, or clinic. There is information that has to be collected upon arrival to the clinic and entered into the system such (Pre) registration, information for scheduling, information to verify insurance, all information regarding the past patient medical history, the patient’s insurance benefits, and patient acknowledgment of the receipt of notices regarding HIPPA. Patients who have never been seen by the providing physician or has not been seen in over three years (some cases two years) are considered new patients. Patients who are already established are required to update information on each visit if any information has changed. Established patients are those who have been seen or treated by the provider in…show more content…
Electronic filing and Tablet PC makes the process faster and easier It will allow the patients to check-in quicker and be seen faster. Physicians are able to be more self- reliant and depend less on office staff and nurses. Quicker intake processing time results in patient satisfaction with staff and doctors. With the use of the Tablet PC, collaboration can improve, check-ins can be more comfortable and efficient, errors can be reduced and money can be saved. Electronic files and the Tablet PC give doctors more time and ability to focus on patient care (Baylor Health Care Systems,

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