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Patient Education Plan Nur/427 2011 Patient Education Plan This is a 65 year-old female who has a weight of 77.1 kg. She presented to the emergency room with increased lower abdominal pains (cramps), diarrhea for past five days, and decrease nutrition consumption because of pain. She states she has lost some weight over the past week but does not know how much. She has increased fatigue and weakness. She has allergies to Lipitor, Demerol, Florinef Acetate, penicillin, Vancomycin. The patient lives at home with her spouse and has a few friends she sees on a regular basis. The patient states she has never smoked, nor has she ever drunk alcohol and no one in the house does either. She does consume 3-4 diet pops a day that contain caffeine. The patient states she has no medical training or knowledge other than the conditions, which she has a history of. She seems to have memory deficits of unknown etiology and very high anxiety issues with very high dependency or separation issues (needing someone near her at all times and demanding). The patient’s medical history consists of kidney stones, urinary tract infection (UTI), high cholesterol, irritable bowel syndrome, diabetes mellitus (Type 1), acid reflux, allergic rhinitis, addison’s disease, osteoporosis, osteopenia, anxiety, and depression. She has a surgical history of: cholecystectomy, colonoscopy, liver biopsy, and hysterectomy. After asking the patient how she learns best, she states “I learn better with a hard copy and someone going over the information me and my husband.” Also assessed were her needs. The acute stage she needs IV access, pain meds, a strict diet of nothing by mouth or minimum, sips of water, IV fluids for dehydration, glucose control, urine sample, stool sample. The next stage of care would most likely consist of a gastroenterologist consult, x-ray (abdomen), CT scan (abdomen),

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