Patient Diagnoses Essay

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PART A 1. Outpatient don’t get diagnoses it gets documented as “probable” suspected questionable rule out rather code the conditions to highest degree. If a patient is admitted for a condition that is either a complication of pregnancy or that is complication the pregnancy, the code for the obstetric complication is the principal diagnosis. 2. Read the report to be sure that the coding reflects all procedures and diagnoses contained in the report. Make sure I explain all procedure that was done from the beginning to the end. I will report the attending Surgeon, and how the patient tolerated the procedure and was taken to the recovery room in satisfactory condition. 3. One of the aspects of obstetrics is the global fee that encompasses the antepatum delivery and postpartum period of normal pregnancy. The initial blood history, physical examination, BP, weight, fetal heart tones routine analysis, and monthly visits up to twenty-eight weeks gestation, bi-weekly visits, thirty-six weeks gestation, and weekly visits until delivery are all included in antepartum care. PART B 1. Fee schedule are important it determines the fees that will be charged for procedures preformed and the factors to be based upon several factors, the economic level of the community, the physician’s experience, and the medical specially of the practice A fee schedule is based on three commodities the physician provides: Time, 2. People commonly use the two words interchangeably. However medical coder must be careful not to confuse the two Hiv means you been infected and AIDS maenad that you have the virus different code’s 3. When coding multiple burns assign separate codes for each burn site category 946, 949, 948, 4. Code it 199.1 199.0 5. EM codes are grouped by location or type of care and visits provided. PART C: 1. ( -52 ) 2. ( D )
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