Patient Care Plan

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Patient care plan Instructions: Remember to prioritize your diagnosis with the most important to meet needs of your client |Nursing Diagnosis |Goal |Interventions |Rationale | |(Nursing Diagnosis or actual problem = PES = Problem|Intermediate &/or Long term/final goals (Goal = |(Name at least a minimum of 6 specific activities|(State for each nursing action; this can be knowledge | |+ Etiology + Signs and Symptoms) |Client Behaviour + Criteria of Performance + |the nurse plans and implements in order to help |obtained from evidence in the literature or | |(High Risk Nursing Diagnosis or Potential problem = |Conditions – if needed + Time Frame) |the client achieve an outcome. Use activities |physiological evidence) | |problems + Risk Factors) Please list objective and | |that would apply to your patient) | | |subjective data that would identify the reason for | | | | |choosing this diagnosis | | | | |Difficulty in breathing |For patient to be able to breath more easily, be |Check respiratory rate regularly alert medical |Hourly respirations should be observed to check that | |Breathlessness |free
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