Pathos And Ethos Advertisement Analysis

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Collect ‘em, Trade ‘em, Hostess Advertisements use many different kinds of techniques to convince the targeted audience to use their company rather than any other. Baseball cards were created and distributed only through Hostess from 1975-1979 and the only way to get your hand on these was to purchase Hostess Cake Snacks (Hostess, 1976). In this ad Hostess effectively convinces its audience to buy its products through the use of promoting a new hobby. Hostess’s goal is to get the audience to purchase their snacks. The company does this by promoting one of a kind baseball cards with each purchase. The text was persuasive because it tells you how you can trade the baseball cards with your friends and how they have cool facts on them. Any baseball fan would take advantage of this opportunity and that’s precisely who they were targeting. In this advertisement I see both Pathos and Ethos. Pathos refers to emotional appeal (Logos, Ethos and Pathos). I think this is occurring by the way the advertisement is set up. It makes you want to think that the baseball cards are needed. This attracts the customer’s attention and “reels” them in to buy their products. Because they added the baseball cards to their product, they are creating some sort of excitement when a customer purchases their item. Ethos refers to the level of credibility depicted by the audience (Logos, Ethos and Pathos). Hostess shows confidence in this ad by assuming we, the potential customer, know they have a great…show more content…
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